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American Home – a new play opens in South Pasadena

Hello, readers! Hello, hello, hello… anyone still there? It has been quite some time since I’ve written anything here. But, I have a story that I just had to share. It’s about that play I wrote. The one about the housing crisis. The comedy. No seriously, there is actually a lot of comedy in the […]

Sharing my work with Chicago – The Art of Disappearing

HAPPY 2015! I’m so happy to share that a play I began writing over ten years ago is finally getting a world premiere this January! It’s been a long journey for this play and I am so lucky to have this amazing team assembled to bring my work to life. We are currently in rehearsals […]

Don’t let it come to this

We’ve heard this story before. Two people you’ve never seen show up to your house with eviction papers. They tell you they’ll wait while you gather your things. You are then forced to numbly go through your home and clear out. While two strangers wait for you outside. Where will you go? What will you […]

The Party is Where You Are. Right now.

Disclaimer: This is a story from long ago and I have relied on my memory to retell the events as I remember them. That said, please be sure to read the hilarious correction that follows this story. I’m on my road bike pedaling down a packed dirt trail long converted from train tracks, trying to […]

My night with Diane Sawyer

  I’m on my way to the gym at 9:30 for a Zumba class when I happen to check my e-mail on my phone. There is a message from a producer of ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer asking if I might be available for an interview for tonight’s broadcast. Um, let me think […]


    Love in the Time of Foreclosure – the book! What’s it about? It’s about how my husband and I created our dream life in the face of losing our dream home. It’s the story of how we saved our marriage while losing everything else. It’s about how love conquers all… even foreclosure. In 2008, […]

write: a doe bay writer’s workshop

Two and a half years after leaving the San Juan Islands with our five-week-old baby boy, we are going back for our first visit. And it is thanks to my friend and fellow writer Jennifer Beck Furber who has invited me to be a part of this new and awesome writers workshop on Orcas Island. […]

My new blog project is a grand experiment in failure

My last post generated a lot of interest. Getting all of that off my chest really made a huge difference for me. As I said in my post, 2013 would be about shunning perfection and embracing structure. Well, I’m posting to say that I have my structure. It is a new blog experiment called TODAY’S […]

Why I will not be striving for perfection in 2013 or How to be flawed and happy

A not-so-perfect picture of me and my totally perfect son HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! I don’t know about you, but I woke up this morning feeling like a butterfly with new wings, emerging from my cocoon refreshed, ready to take on a new year in all its glorious possibilities. Lie. COMPLETE LIE. It was more like […]

How to know when to declare bankruptcy

This morning Bob said to me, “You know, if we had declared bankruptcy earlier we could have stayed in our house at least six months longer.” I responded, “Yeah. Maybe. There are a million if only’s. Oh well.” Two things about that… 1. It has been four years and we are still replaying our every […]