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Just when you think it’s safe to open the mail…

TWO DAYS AGO we received a piece of mail that made our hearts sink into our stomachs. Why? It was from ReconTrust. Remember them? They’re the ones that sent us a million foreclosure notices. Here. First of all, what kind of name is that? ReconTrust? Really? It’s suspicious to begin with. It sort of sounds […]

Wednesday Wisdom from "The Real Estate Mom"

It’s Wednesday! You know what that means? It’s time for a little wisdom from my mom… otherwise known as “The Real Estate Mom.”Hi, LITTOF readers. I’m Pam Weinert, Steph’s mom and, as Steph has mentioned in many of her posts, a Realtor here in Chicagoland. I’ll be posting every Wednesday on topics as they relate […]

In retrospect on my birthday…

One year ago today was my 33rd birthday and the first open house at our house on the ridge in Silver Lake. We had put the house on the market on August 8th then opened it up to the public two days later. A Sunday. I remember cleaning frantically. De-cluttering to get it show-ready. The […]

Links in the Time of Foreclosure

*THE SWEET TASTE OF ‘MORTGAGE APPLE CAKE’A woman saves her home from foreclosure by baking and selling cakes she called ‘Mortgage Apple Cake.’ Have you heard this story? I thought we tried everything to save our house, but apparently we didn’t. We never tried baking. This woman did. It’s very inspiring. I love a good […]

The Caretaker Gazette: You too can live rent-free!

Back in May I wrote the post “5 Ideas for Rent-Free Living.” The ideas ranged from being a Lighthouse Keeper to a Professional Housesitter. At the time I truly had no idea we would actually become professional housesitters or “caretakers.” Seriously. No idea! We were leaning more towards the living in an Airstream option (though […]

Speaking of Structure…

In my last post I mentioned that for me structure allows for more freedom. I have certainly been lacking structure since we’ve been crashing with my family. I’ve felt a lot lost without it and have committed to have August be all about the structure of my life. Guess what? That also applies to the […]

The August Blues (no more)

My entire life I’ve related to the entire month of August with serious mixed emotions. On one hand, it’s my birthday month and as a Leo I’ve always loved my birthday. Like really loved my birthday. BUT, on the other hand, August is also the end of summer. The end of sunshine and swimming. The […]

My sappy secret

Last night just before we turned the lights off to go to sleep after a long day, I turned to Bob and whispered, “Do you miss the house?” There was a pause. A silence. Then I quickly answered my own question, “I miss it. I miss the house,” I said with a guilty face. A […]

Blame it on Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a four letter word. Not only to people losing their homes to foreclosure, but also to big giant power companies like Commonwealth Edison. ComEd provides service to approximately 3.8 million customers in Northern Illinois andaccording to Crain’s Chicago Business, this year for the first time in 56 years, they are losing customers. Why? […]

Art in the Time of Foreclosure

LET’S talk about art. Lately I’ve been encountering some powerful images about the housing crisis that I wanted to share with you. This piece here is called “Dangling” and is by artist Amy Casey. This one is particularly powerful for me because I so relate. During our 11-month ordeal there were many times I felt […]