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LITTOF STORIES: 4 People, 1 Dog and an Airstream

Over the last couple of years I have had the privilege of hearing some pretty inspiring stories from readers of Love in the Time of Foreclosure. Opening these e-mails always makes my day. And because they’ve made such a difference for me, I want to pass the inspiration along to you. Meet LITTOF STORIES, a […]

Could you live in an airstream without any closets?

Way back when we were fighting foreclosure we fantasized about selling everything and moving into an Airstream. I even blogged about it (here). I figured if we’re downsizing, let’s really downsize. And why not be mobile too. Travel the U.S. Do something bold that we’d never do otherwise. Having packed up our belongings and moved […]

The Caretaker Gazette: You too can live rent-free!

Back in May I wrote the post “5 Ideas for Rent-Free Living.” The ideas ranged from being a Lighthouse Keeper to a Professional Housesitter. At the time I truly had no idea we would actually become professional housesitters or “caretakers.” Seriously. No idea! We were leaning more towards the living in an Airstream option (though […]

5 Ideas for Rent-Free Living

On the subject of what the heck are we doing/where the blazes are we going next, we have some ideas (in no particular order)… 1. WORKCAMPER/WORKAMPEROkay. What’s a WorkCamper? What’s a Workamper? And what is the difference? According to Wikipedia, a volunteer camp host is a WorkCamper, while a PAID camp host is a Workamper. […]

What is Home?

We’ve been thinking a lot about home lately. I wrote in one of my posts that a house is not a home without love. Well, what is a home without a house? One of the quotes on the Airstream website is: “Home is where you are.” We tend to agree. Speaking of Airstream, we’ve been […]