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Banks burn borrowers post-foreclosure

If you’re someone who is in foreclosure or teetering on the precipice, you need to read this Wall Street Journal article: House is Gone But the Debt Lives On Why is it essential reading? Because it sheds light on the fact that banks are more actively pursuing borrowers post-foreclosure for the loss on the house. […]

How we AVOIDED foreclosure

Now that we are miles away from Los Angeles, the house and the thought of foreclosure, I finally have the mental space to connect the dots a bit more than I have regarding HOW we actually sold the house. Several readers have written to ask how we were able to sell the house and avoid […]

SUNDAY: We’re Open for Business

We haven’t had an Open House in a while. We were having them every Sunday through the fall but we got burned out. It didn’t seem to be working and it was a lot of effort and disruption in our lives. The reason we decided to have one yesterday is because we haven’t yet had […]