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An entirely ordinary blogpost about not blogging, motherhood and giving birth

Wow, it’s been a while. I’ve sort of wrapped myself up in motherhood and playwriting…. blogging has been in the far recesses of my mind. Things get neglected now that never did before. My toenails, for example.My hair.The floors, alas.Sometimes the Pug. I know, Pablo… I used to play with you so much more.It’s only […]

This time last year

I’m nursing Malcolm before his bedtime when Bob puts on Malcolm’s lullabies and I start crying. The music takes me back to our bedroom on the island. To the first few days of Malcolm’s life. The memories squeeze my heart. I ache for that time. Such joy. Did it really happen? The Putumayo music carries […]

I love…

I shot this video last night on my iPhone. Pablo was begging for scraps at the dinner table and Malcolm was just going gaga over his Pug noises. The sound of Malcolm laughing is my favorite sound in the universe. Malcolm is 7 1/2 months already, learning to crawl (he’s very good at scooting backwards) […]