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wanting and needing and everything in between: the beauty of a basic budget

There are things I want. Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest There are things I need. There are things I want but don’t need. Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest There are things I need but don’t want. And there are things I want to need but don’t need to want. (I have yet to […]

Disappearing debt little by little

Let’s talk about debt. As I said, we still have it. We’re still paying off debts to the IRS, the State of California Franchise Tax Board and student loans. And we have a long way to go. That debt weighs heavily on us every day. It’s suffocating. And usually when I think about it I […]

13 Personal Money Management Tips From LITTOF Readers

It’s been one week since my “B is for…” post where I wrote about the fact that Bob & I have filed for bankruptcy. I also asked for tips from readers on how you manage your money. I have loved reading your comments and getting your suggestions and thought I’d put them into a post […]