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Have you gotten tired of our big announcements? We’ve made so many over the last three years… We avoided foreclosure!  We’re leaving L.A. and moving to Chicago! We’re moving to an island!  We’re having a baby! We’re leaving the island and moving back to Chicago! Well, it’s time for another one. Ready? We’re leaving Chicago […]

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Here’s the thing. I don’t like the look of it either. I’m talking about those Bank of America ads on the Wabash Avenue bridge houses in Chicago. Have you seen them? Yeah, they’re not pretty. Our new mayor, Rahm Emanuel, signed a 30-day lease with Bank of America for that space, according to the Chicago […]

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Fisherman Bob and his Salmon sidekick When we moved to the island, I had a hard time with the extreme rural and remote conditions. I missed take-out. Driving over 45 miles per hour. And ambient light. I missed being warm. Other people. Noise. Stores that stay open past five. And the energy of the city. […]

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Imagine you’re 75-years-old. You live in New York State with your spouse and together you have a daughter in Chicago and a son in Connecticut. Imagine you and your spouse are tucked into bed, sleeping peacefully at 9:45 PM when you’re startled awake by banging at your door. What goes through your mind? Someone’s been […]

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Pretty much the only thing on our minds here in Chicago tonight is snow. Snow. Snow. Apparently we’re about to be hit by a storm that rivals the blizzard of 1967. People are stocking up and hunkering down. I’m hoping for a snow day on Wednesday so that we can all be home together. My […]

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This summer I discovered the wonderful blog Makeunder My Life – Designing a life with intention by Chicago jewelry designer, Jess Constable. You might remember my post about her Weekly Exfoliations where she passes on or repurposes at least one item a week from her life that she no longer needs, uses or loves. Her […]

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Hello LITTOF Readers! Happy Friday…. and loooong weekend. Woo hoo! Big blog news. Guess what? Love in the Time of Foreclosure is going to be a part of the new site! What does this mean? We have a new address. Here: take a look. Do you like the new banner? I hope so! […]

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So I fully intended to do a Friday “Links in the Time of Foreclosure” blog post to stick to my new and self-imposed structure for the blog, but I got sidetracked with the post about the Release of Lien and ran out of time to do the ‘links’ post. It was a busy week as […]

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Foreclosure is a four letter word. Not only to people losing their homes to foreclosure, but also to big giant power companies like Commonwealth Edison. ComEd provides service to approximately 3.8 million customers in Northern Illinois andaccording to Crain’s Chicago Business, this year for the first time in 56 years, they are losing customers. Why? […]

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Bob and I just had a lunch pow wow over noodles about everything we need to accomplish this week. ITEM NUMBER 1: Sell Everything.No problem. That’s totally easy. You know what would be easier? Donating everything. Hmmm… we did consider that. But we have this big debt we’re chiseling away at… chipping away at everything […]