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LITTOF November highlights

Pablo lounging on the $50 sofa in his bumble bee sweater. What? It’s cold here!I just realized we’re half way through November! Unbelievable! And Bob’s birthday is only fifteen days away. We’ve been very busy on the island the first half of November and I’ve been doing my best to document each step along the […]

Are you getting your Love in the Time of Foreclosure?

Hi LITTOF readers! I’m just posting quickly to remind readers that all the new Love in the Time of Foreclosure action is happening over at ChicagoNow. We’re only 4 days away from our move to the island and a lot has been happening. In case you missed some of the action, here are the LITTOF […]

The lesson in change

Hi LITTOF readers! I completed the 7-day Spare Change Challenge. Go to ChicagoNow to read my post “The Lesson in Change” about see how I did. Thanks! Stephanie

Big blog news: LITTOF is moving to ChicagoNow

Hello LITTOF Readers! Happy Friday…. and loooong weekend. Woo hoo! Big blog news. Guess what? Love in the Time of Foreclosure is going to be a part of the new site! What does this mean? We have a new address. Here: take a look. Do you like the new banner? I hope so! […]