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Where have all the homeowners gone?

According to this CNN MONEY article, Home ownership hits lowest level since 1965, we are becoming a nation of renters. This shouldn’t be too surprising today. But, think about that a few years ago. 2006, for example. We never would have seen this coming. Actually, Bob and I had a friend who did sell his […]

Debt is Dumb

Our credit rating is on a respirator. It’s barely holding on for dear life. It’s useless, actually. Just lays around all day in a hospital bed under a morphine spell. We don’t even visit it anymore. It doesn’t recognize us. Debt did it. Debt killed our credit rating. Our debt. No one else’s. Our inability […]

Back to basics, how to cut through red tape and can thinking like your grandma really save the environment?

Good morning, everyone! Traffic’s humming, garbage trucks are beeping and the birds are chirping… it must be Earth Day in L.A. (This picture, by the way, is not L.A. This is where I go in my mind when I’m stressed– The Abacos.) Anyway… Today I have a collection of links to share and I’ll kick […]