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The Freeing-Up Sale: We came, we sold, we have nothing but this blog post to show… and it feels fantastic!

How do you move powerfully forward in life during an unexpected transition? How do you say goodbye without regret? Lots of people hate goodbyes so they avoid them entirely. Others pick fights to make the leaving easier. Others use reasons to justify the decision to leave. Do we all do that? I know I do. […]

Bob, Pablo and a Change of Underwear

It’s midnight before our big estate sale and we are still working. Bob is sniffling and coughing (feeling miserable) and I just realized I forgot to eat dinner and am suddenly starving (and crabby.) We’re both tired. Which seems to go without saying. Earlier tonight we noticed that our neighbor down the hill was also […]

The Sale

We are totally blown away by the interest we’ve gotten for our sale and I’m just posting very quickly to say: If you have e-mailed us about any specific items for sale and haven’t heard back from us, please understand. We’re totally overwhelmed! We’ve received so many e-mails and really need to organize everything for […]

Monday: Everything Must Go (including us)

Bob and I just had a lunch pow wow over noodles about everything we need to accomplish this week. ITEM NUMBER 1: Sell Everything.No problem. That’s totally easy. You know what would be easier? Donating everything. Hmmm… we did consider that. But we have this big debt we’re chiseling away at… chipping away at everything […]