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What I know about love and the surefire way to heal a wounded heart

This post was commissioned by the lovely Therese Schwenkler of the seriously-you-should-be-reading-this blog The Unlost who asked if I might be willing to write something about love and heartbreak for a blog post celebrating her one year “single-versary.” She was hoping I would provide some wisdom and hope for women who are currently dealing with […]

Heart of Life

A few years ago a good friend invited us to join him on a trip down to Tijuana… not to buy cheap Valium or low priced cigarettes. Not for hand painted ceramics, secret potions or magical soaps. But for the orphans. He invited us to meet at the Park & Ride at the 405 and […]

No Make-Up in a Vintage Dress and No Time to Be Depressed

From the very beginning, we promised each other we would be at the top of our “game” and live every second “in the moment.” “We don’t have time to be depressed about our situation,” we agreed. And we don’t. I’m clear that we certainly have all the room in the world to be sad, depressed, […]