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On your 2nd birthday

Dear Malcolm, You’re two years old!  Two whole years old and you are so clearly your own person. With likes (stickers, soccer, strawberries and pirates,) dislikes (bees, toothpaste, the tribal masks on Uncle Tommy’s wall and doing anything you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it,) and full sentences (I love […]

The enviable state of No Choice

The night we arrived in Barrington, we were greeted with a wonderful dinner and almost my whole family- Mom and Tom (stepdad), Dad and Silvia (stepmom) and Alexa and Dylan (brother and sister – technically ‘half’ but spiritually whole.) The fact that my mom, dad, stepmom and stepdad actually get along (and well) is usually […]

F is for Foreclosure

F is for a lot of things… Like French Fries, for example. And Family, Fiscal responsibility, Fate, Flourish, Fear, Fritatta, Fold, Fumble, Flophouse, Friends, Feedback, Fun, Flashdance, Forecast, Forestall, Furniture, Fishbowl, Failure, Finance, Fire, Freedom and… Foreclosure. In today’s mail, we received 7 more NOTICES OF TRUSTEE’S SALE. Seven. Enough to form an F. As […]