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The Face of Foreclosure- Part 2

“The Inquisition” Just a quick recap:I experience darkest moment of whole foreclosure experience which leads to a day of recovery in the form of movie watching. We’ve just finished KUNG FU PANDA and I’m feeling a little better thanks to that delightful film. Now I’m ready for public. At least I think I am. I […]

F is for Foreclosure

F is for a lot of things… Like French Fries, for example. And Family, Fiscal responsibility, Fate, Flourish, Fear, Fritatta, Fold, Fumble, Flophouse, Friends, Feedback, Fun, Flashdance, Forecast, Forestall, Furniture, Fishbowl, Failure, Finance, Fire, Freedom and… Foreclosure. In today’s mail, we received 7 more NOTICES OF TRUSTEE’S SALE. Seven. Enough to form an F. As […]

Fear of the Unknown Creates Fear of the Unknown

On the home page on the New York Times website yesterday was a story titled: RECESSION ANXIETY SEEPS INTO EVERY DAY LIVESIt began talking about a woman who had not lost her job but was so afraid she MIGHT that… She “could not stop reading every single economic report,” was so “sick to my stomach […]