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Dwelling in inspiration and what inspires you

Malcolm inspires me! Something I noticed this week while dwelling in inspiration… I was inspired. All week. Fancy that. Talking about what inspires me, actually inspires me. Did the same happen for you? I asked you on Facebook and Twitter what inspires you and some of you responded. I bet that in that moment you […]

Inspired by DANCE and Anne Marsen!

I love dance. I love to dance. I love the joy it inspires in a moment. I love letting go of my inhibitions and just moving my body. I love letting music infect me and make me believe in movement. I love allowing myself to be silly. To dance well. To dance adorkably. To just […]

The inspiration of Fallingwater

If I had an official bucket list, Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, Fallingwater would be on it. Crossed off. Last month Bob, Malcolm and I took a trip to visit Bob’s mom and boyfriend in Western Maryland. They live right near the border of Pennsylvania and West Virginia in a small town that, while beautiful, is […]

INSPIRATION WEEK kicks off with Chris Guillebeau on Sufficiency!

This week is officially INSPIRATION WEEK here on LITTOF! Each day I will post at least one time with something that inspires me. It could be a song, a quote, a blog post, a video… Doesn’t matter the format. The inspiration is the point. I thought I’d kick things off with a blog that inspired […]

7 Words Steve Jobs Never Uttered

Image credit: Jonathan Mak I, like so many people, was surprised to find myself so impacted by the news that Steve Jobs died last night. Surprised because, though I am a huge Apple fan, I’ve never given too much thought to the co-founder. It’s not like I sat around thinking about how remarkable Steve Jobs […]

Back on the yoga mat again

Yesterday I woke up to a body that ached all over.But not because of some killer yoga workout.No.I ached because my body was missing yoga.How can that be? I promised to do yoga once a day every day for the month of March.Well…Time to fess up.I pushed that promise to the far recesses of my […]