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LINKS IN THE TIME OF FORECLOSURE: How to live in a lighthouse & more

So you know I’m on Twitter, right? Yes! Right here. I mention this because today’s links are all courtesy of Twitter. Links I found while reading others’ Tweets. Should I call them Twinks? Or Litters. Twinks. Anyway…Lighthouse Living Remember how I wrote about wanting to live rent-free in a lighthouse? Well, these people found a […]

The Big News: A whale of an opportunity

This time last year, Bob was newly unemployed. His first day of unemployment was July 10th. We were scrambling, looking for work and mostly feeling like everything would work itself out. We’d both find fantastic jobs and we’d avoid any sort of financial trouble. Though it was scary, we definitely had an expectation it would […]

5 Ideas for Rent-Free Living

On the subject of what the heck are we doing/where the blazes are we going next, we have some ideas (in no particular order)… 1. WORKCAMPER/WORKAMPEROkay. What’s a WorkCamper? What’s a Workamper? And what is the difference? According to Wikipedia, a volunteer camp host is a WorkCamper, while a PAID camp host is a Workamper. […]