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It’s time for another LITTOF Reader Story! What do you do when Plans A, B & C don’t pan out? If you’re like LITTOF Reader, Laurie, you choose Plan D. That’s right. That’s what survivors do. That’s what resilience is all about. And I’m all about resiliency. So I’m very excited to introduce you to […]

All We Have to Do to Modify Our Loan is Get a Major Media Outlet to Do a Story About Us

Do you guys every listen to the Planet Money podcast? Well, it’s great. You should! Monday’s podcast (“Your Future Mortgage”) featured a story about a homeowner who had been attempting to modify his loan through Obama’s plan and had no success. Wells Fargo is his loan servicer and hadn’t been able to give him any […]

Just the Facts

At this moment in time, these are the facts: -WE are “in foreclosure” still without a sale date-WE have requested qualification from our lender- Countrywide- for Obama’s Housing Modification plan and are waiting for approval-WE are still trying to sell the house and it sits still without any offers-Between the 2 of us, we are […]