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Love in the Time of Foreclosure, the eBook is here!

I am so thrilled to officially announce that LOVE IN THE TIME OF FORECLOSURE is now an eBook!  Now you can read our triumph over foreclosure story — edited and expanded– all in one place. I wrote a lot of new material to fill in some blanks that I left on the blog. In the […]

The future of LITTOF in 2010

Please note that this post was written in the early hours of 2010 and published on the ChicagoNow site. I’m re-posting it here in case anyone missed the news… Happy New Year, everyone! It’s just over an hour into the new year and already I feel better. 2009 wasn’t an easy year. For us it […]

LITTOF November highlights

Pablo lounging on the $50 sofa in his bumble bee sweater. What? It’s cold here!I just realized we’re half way through November! Unbelievable! And Bob’s birthday is only fifteen days away. We’ve been very busy on the island the first half of November and I’ve been doing my best to document each step along the […]

Foreclosure is a battlefield

WE knew it was hard. Perhaps the biggest challenge of our lives. The fight to save our home from foreclosure. But… more stressful than actual combat? More stressful than the dodging of actual bullets and bombs? More alone than a dry and dusty desert in the Middle East? According to a Marine who served his […]

The insider’s guide to bankruptcy: credit cards

See this new post here and find out what Bob got in the mail yesterday.

The Opposite of LOVE in the Time of Foreclosure

1. VANDALISM in the Time of Foreclosure ONCE UPON A TIME there were 3 red-haired pigs and a big bad crazy homeowner who wanted to huff and puff and blow his house down because he was losing it to foreclosure and was very angry. So he huffed and he puffed and he locked the pigs […]