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What I know about love and the surefire way to heal a wounded heart

This post was commissioned by the lovely Therese Schwenkler of the seriously-you-should-be-reading-this blog The Unlost who asked if I might be willing to write something about love and heartbreak for a blog post celebrating her one year “single-versary.” She was hoping I would provide some wisdom and hope for women who are currently dealing with […]

wanting and needing and everything in between: the beauty of a basic budget

There are things I want. Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest There are things I need. There are things I want but don’t need. Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest There are things I need but don’t want. And there are things I want to need but don’t need to want. (I have yet to […]

Love is… being willing to say when you’ve been a jackass

Believe In Goodness by Rob Ryan I love my husband. There’s no question. Even when I’m mad at him, I still love him. But that doesn’t mean that I always demonstrate my love. That I exemplify it 100% of the time. No. It does not. I wish it did. But I’m human. And therefore a […]

Financial problems can strengthen a marriage

I was recently interviewed for an article about how a financial crisis can actually strengthen a marriage. That story is here. Check it out! It’s a great piece. I’m so glad to see this type of reporting on the financial crisis. There is hope, after all! How Financial Troubles Can Help Relationships by Erica Sandberg […]