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All We Have to Do to Modify Our Loan is Get a Major Media Outlet to Do a Story About Us

Do you guys every listen to the Planet Money podcast? Well, it’s great. You should! Monday’s podcast (“Your Future Mortgage”) featured a story about a homeowner who had been attempting to modify his loan through Obama’s plan and had no success. Wells Fargo is his loan servicer and hadn’t been able to give him any […]

Obama’s Housing Plan goes into effect today

Well, we have yet to hear back from President Obama or his staff in response to my letter. Can you believe it? Hopefully it won’t matter. Today is March 4th and seeing as we still have yet to sell our house or even get one offer (after dropping the price 4 times) we will be […]

Dear President Obama…

Last week President Obama announced his new Housing Plan. A plan! Could it help us?! I immediately read everything I could find about the plan and contacted our lender to express our interest in determining whether or not we are candidates. Countrywide said that they didn’t have any information and wouldn’t have any until March […]