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wanting and needing and everything in between: the beauty of a basic budget

There are things I want. Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest There are things I need. There are things I want but don’t need. Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest There are things I need but don’t want. And there are things I want to need but don’t need to want. (I have yet to […]

The lesson in change

Hi LITTOF readers! I completed the 7-day Spare Change Challenge. Go to ChicagoNow to read my post “The Lesson in Change” about see how I did. Thanks! Stephanie

13 Personal Money Management Tips From LITTOF Readers

It’s been one week since my “B is for…” post where I wrote about the fact that Bob & I have filed for bankruptcy. I also asked for tips from readers on how you manage your money. I have loved reading your comments and getting your suggestions and thought I’d put them into a post […]

B is for…

I’ve been putting off this post. I haven’t wanted to write about it. I mean, I’ve wanted to, but didn’t know quite how. Well, I’ve been afraid. Afraid of saying it out loud. Of seeing it online. Of documenting my ‘failure’ for all the world to see. Of opening myself up for potentially massive judgment […]