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Bob and Pablo eating healthy on the road. Bob is driving our 1995 Volvo Wagon to L.A. Pablo is his co-pilot. By far the most asked question is: “Is the Volvo going to make it?”  Yes. YES! It HAS to make it. So it will. Day 1 Bob and Pablo drove first to Humboldt, Iowa […]

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A View from the Road: This is a picture of Spotted Wolf Canyon on I70 in Utah about 60 miles West of the Colorado border. Good morning from Grand Junction, Colorado! We rolled into town yesterday at about 5 PM (we’re on Mountain Time now.) Ah, there’s so much to say. I don’t know how […]

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Bob and I just had a lunch pow wow over noodles about everything we need to accomplish this week. ITEM NUMBER 1: Sell Everything.No problem. That’s totally easy. You know what would be easier? Donating everything. Hmmm… we did consider that. But we have this big debt we’re chiseling away at… chipping away at everything […]