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From the archives: Day 3 on the Island – Is this house haunted?

Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoy this Halloween post from two years ago… when we had just moved in to the house on the island.  (This post was originally posted on 10.31.09 on Love in the Time of Foreclosure at ChicagoNow) We’re in the checkout line at the hardware store buying a Swiffer with the […]

The new logo: red and turquoise love

Why, yes. I did get a makeover. Thank you for noticing. I just felt it was time. My old look began to feel, well, old. And kind of drab. Unpolished. In need of professional assistance.  how it went down… I’m reading a new post on Baby By the Sea and am blown away by the […]

Are you getting your Love in the Time of Foreclosure?

Hi LITTOF readers! I’m just posting quickly to remind readers that all the new Love in the Time of Foreclosure action is happening over at ChicagoNow. We’re only 4 days away from our move to the island and a lot has been happening. In case you missed some of the action, here are the LITTOF […]