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It’s time for another LITTOF Reader Story! What do you do when Plans A, B & C don’t pan out? If you’re like LITTOF Reader, Laurie, you choose Plan D. That’s right. That’s what survivors do. That’s what resilience is all about. And I’m all about resiliency. So I’m very excited to introduce you to […]

LITTOF STORIES: 4 People, 1 Dog and an Airstream

Over the last couple of years I have had the privilege of hearing some pretty inspiring stories from readers of Love in the Time of Foreclosure. Opening these e-mails always makes my day. And because they’ve made such a difference for me, I want to pass the inspiration along to you. Meet LITTOF STORIES, a […]

Just when you think it’s safe to open the mail…

TWO DAYS AGO we received a piece of mail that made our hearts sink into our stomachs. Why? It was from ReconTrust. Remember them? They’re the ones that sent us a million foreclosure notices. Here. First of all, what kind of name is that? ReconTrust? Really? It’s suspicious to begin with. It sort of sounds […]


A life-changing post… this is all happening in real time. That’s what the envelope said in all caps: IMPORTANTINFORMATIONENCLOSED I’m sitting here just writing a blog post about how we’re so tired of showing the house after 9 months of jumping at every potential buyer’s request to see our home and how we’ve decided to […]

LITTOF Linkage

LITTOF Linkage Things that interest us today–FRIENDS OF THE LA RIVER 20th Annual Great LA River Clean-Up (folar) –SEEKING CLOSURE ON SHORT SALE HOLD-UPS – Realtors ramp up call for standards a great overview on short sales (inman)–ZILLOW: 1 IN 5 HOMES NOW UNDERWATER ( LA Land Blog) –HOUSE-PRICE DROPS LEAVE MORE UNDER WATER (wsj) […]

No Shame in Selling Short

Our house was recently appraised by the bank for so much less than we ever would have imagined a year ago. Even just six months ago. It’s hard to believe how much the market has changed… slowed. To a demoralizing halt. Well, everything is shifting. And it’s going to take some time for it all […]

Update: Short Does Not Mean Fast

SHORT SALE = to sell your house for less than it is worth. We are in a “short sale” situation at the moment. We have submitted the SHORT offer (short in terms of money) to the bank with our Short Sale Packet for approval. SHORT SALE PACKET = Letter of hardship, last two months of […]

Dear President Obama…

Last week President Obama announced his new Housing Plan. A plan! Could it help us?! I immediately read everything I could find about the plan and contacted our lender to express our interest in determining whether or not we are candidates. Countrywide said that they didn’t have any information and wouldn’t have any until March […]