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Sharing my work with Chicago – The Art of Disappearing

HAPPY 2015! I’m so happy to share that a play I began writing over ten years ago is finally getting a world premiere this January! It’s been a long journey for this play and I am so lucky to have this amazing team assembled to bring my work to life. We are currently in rehearsals […]

Just how tempted are you by Halloween candy?

Flyer from the Manila production directed by Rich Tuason I  used to hide my Halloween candy from my brother. And he hid his from me. At least that’s how I remember it. That candy is a precious commodity, no? As a kid, you work hard for that. Dressing up, going door to door to door […]

A deleted scene from American Home

So I have this scene that I wrote for my play AMERICAN HOME that just didn’t fit into the final draft… it’s one of the “babies” I had to kill, so to speak. But I’m unwilling to bury it. I want it to have some life. Which is why I’m sharing it here. I hope […]