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Back on the yoga mat again

Yesterday I woke up to a body that ached all over.But not because of some killer yoga workout.No.I ached because my body was missing yoga.How can that be? I promised to do yoga once a day every day for the month of March.Well…Time to fess up.I pushed that promise to the far recesses of my […]

Yogi by night

This is my yoga space. It becomes my yoga space when I roll out my mat. Before that it’s our family room. Throw a blanket down and it becomes Malcolm’s play area. But that mat transforms it into my yoga time. And so far, that has happened exclusively at night. Not until at least 9PM. […]

March YOGA Madness

Maybe it’s the date on the calendar. March 1st already. Already! Reminding me that time continues to click away. Or it’s the fact that the snow has almost completely melted and the sun is blazing promising a high of 46 degrees. Giving Chicagoans that Spring feeling. That time-to-get-exercising-again feeling. That bathing-suit-season-is-just-around-the-corner feeling. Or perhaps it’s […]

Waiting is Not Living… and Why I Wouldn’t Want to Be Al Franken

Lately, I feel like I’ve just been waiting for things to happen. Waiting for the bank to decide on our short sale, waiting to be approved for a modification, waiting to hear back from multiple theatre companies on my plays… and it’s driving me crazy. I’m trying not to wait around. I’m “trying” to let […]