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Guest post on Zillow – 5 things to do if you’re facing foreclosure

I’d like to send you over to today to read the post I wrote for them as a guest blogger– 5 Things to Do If You’re Facing Foreclosure… Screen Shot of my guest post over on Thanks for heading on over there to give it a read. As always, I hope you’ll comment […]

LITTOF Linkage

LITTOF Linkage Things that interest us today–FRIENDS OF THE LA RIVER 20th Annual Great LA River Clean-Up (folar) –SEEKING CLOSURE ON SHORT SALE HOLD-UPS – Realtors ramp up call for standards a great overview on short sales (inman)–ZILLOW: 1 IN 5 HOMES NOW UNDERWATER ( LA Land Blog) –HOUSE-PRICE DROPS LEAVE MORE UNDER WATER (wsj) […]