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It has been a while since our first post on this blog. We’ve been on quite the roller coaster ride. To bottom line it, our house is ‘in foreclosure without a sale date’ and we’re trying to avoid that at all costs. It’s terribly confronting and stress inducing. It’s confusing and scary and frustrating…

Are we still happy? Yes. Happiness, to me, isn’t a static state of mind. It isn’t earned. It is a choice. We choose to be happy in spite of all of this. We choose to see it as a learning opportunity. I read a quote by a rabbi the other day comparing this challenging time to the nature of muscle tissue. When muscle tissue is broken down, it then can get stronger. We are being ‘broken down’ in order to grow stronger.

We know that we are not victims, no one is doing anything to us, we are where we are by the choices we made. Did we anticipate having our income cut by 60% at the same time as the housing crash? No. While we were investing lots of time and money into our remodel did we foresee all of the equity in our house disappearing? Of course not! But sitting around lamenting the way things are will certainly not help. What will? Taking action.

It’s not easy. It just is.


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