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This is Bob. (The one in the hat)

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He is my husband, the father of my child (the cute kid in Bob’s arms,) the love of my life, my best friend and partner in adventure.

Today is Bob’s birthday.

What better way to celebrate Bob’s birthday than to give away a brand new Kindle Fire Tablet?!

Bob loves new technology and Amazon’s Kindle Fire is one hot new piece of technology.

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The Kindle Fire has a 7″ touch screen display and retails for $199
Specs from Amazon:

  • 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books 

  • Thousands of popular apps and games, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and more 

  • Ultra-fast web browsing – Amazon Silk

  • Free cloud storage for all your Amazon content

  • Vibrant color touchscreen with extra-wide viewing angle – same as an iPad

  • Fast, powerful dual-core processor

  • Favorite children’s books, graphic novels, and magazines in rich color

We’re not only giving away the Kindle Fire, but also a copy of the eBook, buy lasix online. We wouldn’t want to give away an eReader without any books to read!

So this is my first time attempting a giveaway and I’m using this really cool new company called Rafflecopter to help me do it. You’ll see a box embedded in the post below. That’s where you enter the giveaway. It will track entries and select a winner randomly. Just make sure to please follow the entry instructions.

The giveaway runs for one week. The winner will receive their Kindle Fire just in time for Christmas!

Now back to Bob for a moment. As I said, today is his birthday and he’s a little shy about it… which is clearly why I’m blogging about it (such a mean wifey.)

Here’s how sweet and amazing my husband is: when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said all he wanted was for 25,000 people to buy my book. No biggie. To help make Bob’s birthday wish come true, you can buy my book, Love in the Time of Foreclosure, buy lasix online cheap. And you can wish him a happy birthday on buy lasix overnight delivery or on buy lasix water pills.

Happy birthday, Bob. Te adoro. May this year surprise and delight you with its extraordinary-ness and wish fulfillment. And may you feel five years younger than five years before. (That’s an ancient adage that I just clearly made up.) I love you.

Now onto the GIVEAWAY! 


UPDATE (12/7/11): The winner has been chosen randomly by… and the winner is entry #104 – Megan Douglas! 
I decided to select a RUNNER-UP to receive a free copy of my book… chose entry #265 Heather. 
Thank you for playing! And Megan & Heather, please look for an e-mail from me.

Please note that it might take a minute or two for the Rafflecopter widget (the entry form) to load.
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<a href=””>You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway</a>.

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