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What’s it about? It’s about how my husband and I created our dream life in the face of losing our dream home. It’s the story of how we saved our marriage while losing everything else. It’s about how love conquers all… even foreclosure.

In 2008, my husband lost his job soon after we had completed a major renovation on our Los Angeles home in the neighborhood of Silver Lake. Our only back-up plan was to sell the house. We listed the house, found new jobs (at a combined 60% less than my husband’s previous salary alone) and quickly found ourselves fighting foreclosure at the beginning of the housing crisis.

buy lasix online to rise above our financial crisis. We were committed to learning everything we could from the experience and actually creating the life of our dreams. Love in the Time of Foreclosure tells the story of how we did that. The ups, the downs, the maddening struggle for a loan modification, the re-calibrating of our priorities and perception of the world, the selling of everything and everything else in between.

Who would buy it? According to author Janelle Brown, “anyone who owns, has owned or fantasizes about owning a home.” It’s also the perfect fit for anyone who is in foreclosure, worried about foreclosure, unemployed and/or struggling with something major in their life or relationship.

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Stephanie Walker has the wit to transform the shame and anxiety of foreclosure into a genuine human adventure. Its a rare story-teller who can endure the soul-shaking loss of a home, and the concurrent stress on relationships, and see through that – one’s higher priorities in life. Stephanie does this with the kind of humor and personal insight that challenges the fierce attachment that we have to bricks and boards, and she leads us to a new understanding of what’s really important as  “home”.

buy lasix online cheap, “Host of “The Story”, heard on public radio stations, nationwide.”

Stephanie Walker writes about tough experiences with honesty, humor and a good dose of optimism. Her story is a window on a downturn that affected millions of Americans—for worse, but also sometimes better. There are life lessons in here for all of us.

– buy lasix overnight delivery, co-founder of Recessionwire

“Love in the Time of Foreclosure” is essential reading for anyone who owns, has owned, or fantasizes about owning a home. Stephanie Walker’s personal real estate horror story is wrenching and emotionally honest, as she explores the impact of home ownership on relationships, dreams, and self-identity.

– buy lasix water pills, author of “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything” and “This Is Where We Live”

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Love in the Time of Foreclosure is available for the Kindle on buy lasix over the counter and for the Nook on buy lasix 40 mg.

Where can I find out more about the book?

From my publisher– buy lasix 40 mg online.

Thank you so much for checking it out!

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